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 With over 30 years working in the wedding and tourism sector, I have a wealth of experience in organizing and managing weddings, events and exclusive parties. Our team is passionate about making each event perfect and successful and will provide you with the right solution to suit your vision, within your budget. My couples typically have busy and demanding lives, so my role is to help and enjoy the planning phase from start to finish, avoiding any kind of emotional stress. Whether you require a complete full planning service or simply one day wedding co-ordination, Italy Travel & Wedding is here to make you dream become true. I love my Italy, and I can create with your help, a perfect bespoken wedding, taking extreme care of every detail of that special day. The best thing in my Job is seeing my enthusiasm turning into joy of the bride and the groom on their wedding day; I'm here to listen to your wishes and needs and you’re sure everything’s gonna be fine because your wedding planner has covered everything.

Wedding Packages

Civil Legally Binding Wedding in Assisi

Civil Wedding in Assisi“Foro Romano” Located in the most central area of Assisi, the m [...]

Starting from € 8033

Civil Wedding in Gubbio

Civil Wedding in Gubbio"Museo Civico"The rooms of Palazzo dei Consoli have been hosting the collect [...]

Starting from € 7299

Civil Wedding in Perugia

Civil Wedding in Perugia“Collegio della Mercanzia"The Collegio della Mercanzia, an artistic jewel [...]

Starting from € 8299

Symbolic Wedding in Umbria “Country House”

Symbolic Wedding in Umbria"Country House" What is lacking in the very long list of preparati [...]

Starting from € 6384

Symbolic Wedding in Gubbio

Symbolic Wedding in GubbioA Castle Wedding Gubbio is one of the most ancient towns in Umbria [...]

Starting from € 7406

Symbolic Wedding in Perugia

Symbolic Wedding in PerugiaGet married in Perugia if you are looking for a romantic destination ric [...]

Starting from € 7119

Symbolic Wedding in Assisi

Symbolic Wedding in Assisi Less than half an hour east of Perugia, and visible for miles aro [...]

Starting from € 7182

Symbolic Wedding in a Stunning Winery - Package up to 50 guests

Symbolic Wedding In a Stunning Winery Having a wine country wedding is the ultimate in sophisticate [...]

Starting from € 43991

Symbolic Medieval Wedding in a Castle Package up to 40 people

Symbolic Medieval Wedding in a CastleThe Castle is the perfect place for your wedding with its [...]

Starting from € 40374

Symbolic Wedding in an Ancient Hamlet

Wedding in an ancient Hamlet Celebrate your wedding in one enchanted village! The hamlet has be [...]

Starting from € 34257

Wedding Service and Day Coordination

This service is ideal for couples that have planned their wedding but need some help for the la [...]

Starting from € 2661

Tuscan Countryside

   Tuscan Countryside  A country wedding in Tuscany is the dream of many couples. Y [...]

Starting from € 38938

Dream Wedding in Tuscany

 Dream Wedding in Tuscany   The choice of this package will allow you to organize your w [...]

Starting from € 39257

Wedding in Florence

 Wedding in Florence   Getting married in Florence is the dream of every couple who deci [...]

Starting from € 32129

Luxury Wedding in Villa

  Luxury Wedding in Villa If you choose to get married in this beautiful Villa in Tuscany, yo [...]

Starting from € 42342

  How get married like a Princess   A beautifully stocked garden, rich with flowers and [...]

Starting from € 51576

Wedding in Tuscany among rolling hills

Wedding in Tuscany among rolling hills This very spacious property near Pisa, offers several locati [...]

Starting from € 35321

Marry in the county of Assisi

 Get married in the county of Assisi   Located near the medieval town of Assisi, this re [...]

Starting from € 28131

A fairytale Wedding

  A fairytale Wedding   This castle is one of the few private properties in Umbria wher [...]

Starting from € 34363

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