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About Gabriella's Italy

My deep and great love for Italy, an enchanting, unique and charming Country, full of history in every single corner, takes me to develop the idea to create my own Company, Gabriella’s Italy!

Here is my face, my history, my life!

Gabriella’s Italy means not simply travel, means experience the real Italian lifestyle! You will not be a tourist, but my guest.

This is my idea to discover Italy.

So why don’t you try to imagine your wedding day in a small village, or your wedding reception in a medieval Castle? Try to image  the vineyards, the olive fields …lakes and rolling hills  covered by hazelnuts plantations, medieval villages, Castles and Villas…. Every detail is important, I’ll take care of all your wishes, you can enjoin your time, your Wedding Party will be an unique experience not only  for the bride and the groom but for all your guests!

“UNIQUE” is my trademark.

Wedding Packages

Civil or Simbolic Wedding in a Renaissance Castle

What a great experience could be a Wedding reception inside the Castle of Giulia Farnese, one of the [...]

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