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About The Princess Wedding and Events

My name is Sara Marangoni

I consider myself a simple and dynamic woman who loves good taste and elegance.

I like to create, make unique and special every event.

Every marriage is always different for me and every time it becomes a challenge to overcome.

I always do my best to make everything is perfect in every detail, i work hard and even when tiredness is felt, i continue to work hard for a purpose: The happiness of the spouses.


I like to exceed their expectations.

Being a wedding planner for me is something that goes beyond just a job; a lifestyle engages every minute of my day and involves those around me.


I try to see things with the eyes of a bride, this makes me different, and this is the reson why who hires The Princess Wedding Events call me "the wedding planner who thinks like a bride", for this I put so much passion in what I do.

I believe that this ingredient combined with so much professionalism, study and refresher courses lead to the realization of unforgettable events and different from usual.

I prefer handmade not only in the paper details but also in the furniture and scenography, made specifically for the customer.

I was born and I always lived here in Sardinia, in a small town in the far south called Sant'Antioco.

Sardinia is an uncontaminated island, genuine, offering breath taking and dreamy scenarios to all people who decide to celebrate their beautiful day.

In this island characterized by tradition, Nuragic, beautiful and white beaches, uncontaminated coastline, we have another little island called Sant’Antioco, located in the south of Sardinia, the oldest city of western Mediterranean.


Sant’Antioco is a little city inside the sea. Thanks to its beaches like Maladroxia, Coequaddus, Turri and lot of coves where we can host beautiful and intimate ceremonies.

In Sant’Antioco we can visit some uninhabited island in the middle of the sea, like Toro and Vacca, where we can see a special hawk, the hawk of Eleonora D’Arborea.


Near San’Antioco we have an other little island reachable by boat, inhabited, particular in its beauty, called Isola di San Pietro (Carloforte).


So, the south of Sardinia but Sardinia in general can be a particular scenario for all ceremony thanks to some also little cities with its historical hotels in front of the sea.

Wedding Packages

Bride and Groom Romance in Sardinia

Looking for something unique, why do not consider a Romantic elopement in Sardinia?From lovely beac [...]

Starting from € 6805

wedding up to 12 guests including bride and groom

Sardinia is a uncontaminated island, genuine, offering breath taking and dreamy scenarious to all p [...]

Starting from € 11331

Full Wedding Planning

Your day is special, and I will support you with my experience and expertise to select the best sup [...]

Starting from € 2767

Wedding Day Coordination

You may be familiar with the area and already hired all or most of your suppliers. Or you are super [...]

Starting from € 1544

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